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Welcome to the new SpinSite Blog!  Check back frequently for up to date information on SpinSite features, tips on how to have a great website, and general happenings at SpinSite Inc.

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Date:Sep 6, 2006 12:00 PM 

Adding a Poll

In addition to the Data Collection feature we have provided you with you can always add outside information to your site too.

Would you like to add a poll for your visitors to take?  You can sign up for a free account with Pollmonkey and get started right away.  It's a fun and different way for you to interact with your visitors.

Date:Sep 2, 2006 12:00 PM 

Google Information

I get lots of questions from people wondering how will their site can be found on an Internet search and what can they do to improve their results.

I like to refer people to Google's webmasters section.  It's a great resource with valuable information on how it all works and what you can do yourself (free or paid) to improve traffic to your website.

Date:Aug 31, 2006 12:00 PM 

New Themes are Coming!

We've been hard at work creating new themes for you.  We're in the final stages of testing before releasing them live.

We'll send all site administrators a message when the new theme is ready for you.

As always, if you have any suggestions of features you'd like to see - please make sure to fill out our Customer Survey to let us know how we can make SpinSite better for you.


Date:Aug 25, 2006 12:00 PM 

     Website Design 

(No, this is not a serious photo!)

Now that you've set up your SpinSite website, it's time to have some fun while designing a good-looking, easy-to-use site.

When designing your website, keep in mind that functionality is key. Don’t get carried away with using excessive Flash, multiple fonts, colors, and background textures just because you can.  Just like chocolate, perfume, and hot sauce, a little goes a long way! Overuse of these elements can make your site difficult to read, and download times longer.

Make sure all your links work, and your site’s interface is clean and uncluttered.
A visitor to your site should be able to navigate easily between pages, and always be able to quickly return to your home page. Always keep your site updated – your visitors will tire of obsolete or stale content. Above all, remember that your website is an extension of yourself. It should be attractive, user-friendly, and geared towards making communication with your visitors easy and convenient.

Date:Aug 21, 2006 04:28 PM 


One of the most common questions I receive are regarding fonts.  SpinSite users want to know why we only provide 7 fonts. 

The reason is because not every viewer of your site will have the same fonts you have installed on your computer.  If they come to your site and you have the content written in a font that they don't have on their computer, they aren't going to be able to read what's on your site.  Nobody wants that!

There is a way around the font issue.  You can upload text that has been created as an image.  You can create one on your computer with a program you have installed, or you can use one of the free resources out on the Internet. 

One of my favorites is Cooltext.com.  You can create interesting text, a logo or even buttons to use on your site.  Here's a sample of some of the fonts available:

I created those images in minutes and the best part is that it was free!

Date:Aug 17, 2006 12:00 PM 

Displaying Images Continued

There are great free resources on the Internet that you can use with your SpinSite website.

One of my favorites is Photobucket.com.  You can create several different types of slideshows.  Here's one I created:

I just copied the URLs for my images from my SpinSite Upload Library into my Photobucket account and chose the slideshow I wanted to create.  Photobucket generated the HTML code for me and all I had to do was click the "source" button and paste in the code and the show is on the page!

One of my other favorites is Rockyou.com.  They have a great slideshow that allows you to choose transitions, add text, change colors and much more.

Date:Aug 16, 2006 12:00 PM 

Displaying Images

SpinSite has a great Photo Album feature to use for displaying photos on your website.

There are also many other ways you can display your photos to really customize your SpinSite website.

One unique way of displaying images is to have them scroll across.  You can place the scrolling images in your site header to add an extra visual "punch" to your page.

To make the 5 images above scroll across the page:

I clicked the "source" button and typed the following code: 

marquee width="300"><img alt="" src="urltomyfirstimage"/><img alt="" src="urltomysecondimage"/><img alt="" src="urltomythirdmage"/><img alt="" src="urltomyfourthimage"/><img alt="" src="urltomyfifthimage"/></marquee>


Date:Aug 15, 2006 12:00 PM 

Ok, what better way to open the SpinSite Blog page with some talk about BLOGS.  You’re probably thinking one of a couple things:

1.    What’s a BLOG?
2.    Why would I ever want to have a BLOG?
3.    I don’t even have a website, what do I care?

Lucky for you, this BLOG post can help you regardless of which number you fall under.

#1: Without going into the history of Internet Blogging, lets just say that BLOGS are ways of keeping your website current with whatever information your site viewers may be interested in.  BLOGS (once referred to as Web Logs) allow website owners (and often their visitors) the ability to quickly add content that’s current and relative to the nature of their website.

#2: You want a BLOG if you want people to revisit your website.  You may be interested in gaining traffic to your site.  This could be lucrative if you were to sell advertising.  You may want a BLOG if things with your company, organization, family, etc are very dynamic.  Your site visitors can check your BLOG frequently and always be up to date.  Perhaps you’re just an entertaining person that people like to read.  BLOG your thoughts, company happenings, etc and suddenly your site visitors will have reason to keep coming back.

#3: WHAT?  You don’t have a website?  Well that’s just no excuse.  Owning a website isn’t like it use to be.  Use SpinSite to create your website and be in ‘The Now’, well… right now.  You can own a free one-page website, or drop the big $4.95 per month and have three pages, more space, and use a domain name.  SpinSite’s Platinum package is just $29.95 per month with TONS of capabilities.  Once your site is up (which takes only minutes), you’ll be ready to add images, text, and BLOGS.

So how do you do BLOGS in SpinSite?  After you add text to any page, click the blue Options button and select Borders/Position from the menu.  There will be a Blog Options button right there for you.  Click it and you’re text will be combined with full blown Blogging.

Try Blogging with SpinSite.  It’s HOT.