Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service
  Are SpinSite services always running?  
  Do I still need my ISP (Internet Service Provider) with your service?  
  Do you have to know HTML to use SpinSite Services?  
  Do you support the POP/SMPT mail protocols?  
  Does SpinSite provide a webmail interface for E-mail Accounts?  
  How can I cancel my SpinSite account?  
  What are the system requirements for using SpinSite.com?  
  What is your policy on adult content?  
  What's Involved with Creating a website using SpinSite?  

SpinSite Features
  Can I have a Blog on my site?  
  Can I include downloadable documents available on my site?  
  Can I paste in text from Microsoft Word?  
  Can I upload Images, Documents or Files to my site?  
  Is there an easy way to display a map to my store?  
  Please explain the SpinSite Threaded Discussion Forum Feature?  
  What is the procedure for using the Threaded Discussion Forum?  
  Why do I want people to register to my website?  

Using SpinSite
  Can I use my Mac with SpinSite services?  
  Can I use my own Domain Name?  
  Can I use URL Forwarding for my Domain Name?  
  How do I register with search engines?  
  How will Search Engines (like Google) find my site?  
  What if I click a button, and nothing happens? (popup blocker issues)  

Working with Your SpinSite Website
  Am I able to create a link that goes to another part of the same page?  
  Am I able to customize my Site Title and/or Tag Line?  
  Can I have Live Chat on my website?  
  Can I hide pages from public view?  
  Can you customize the Site Header?  
  Changing the order of menus and links  
  For some reason I am unable to upload images onto my website. I have never had a problem until today.  
  How can I add content to my page header or on the side of my site?  
  How can I have a movie file or flash play directly on one of my pages?  
  How can I have a site visitor click on a small image and have a larger version of the image appear?  
  How can I make my Tag Line appear in italic type?  
  How do I create a link?  
  How do I create a popup window?  
  How do I insert a page from another site on my SpinSite site?  
  How do I play a sound file (.wav) on my site?  
  How do I play an MP3 file from my page?  
  I disabled 'Allow Sign In' on the Page Options, now I can't access my site.  
  Is there a way to echo the data that has been entered into a Data Collection form?  
  Why am I not receiving emails when someone fills out my data collection?  
  Why aren't my Data Collection fields lining up?  

  How many DPI (Dots Per Inch) should my graphics be saved in?  
  What image formats do you support?  
  What is the difference between resizing and scaling images?  
  Where can I get images for my site?  
  Why can't I resize my .gif files?  

Shopping Carts - eCommerce
  How can I add a shopping cart feature to my website?  
  How can I use PayPal services with my new website?  
  I am not using my Online Store. How do I disable it?  

Other Questions
  'Page Not Available'  
  How do I change my webmail admin password?  
  How do I set-up and use my E-mail?  
  I can receive email, but I cannot send email. Why?  
  I can't access my site  
  Why do I see strange characters when I paste text from Microsoft Word?