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Build your own Web site

Published in the Herald News 09/17/04

The Internet is a big place and there is room enough for you to have your own Web site.

SpinSite Platinum Edition: SpinSite Inc. ($49); Windows or Macintosh; www.spinsite.com.

"Your Web site your way" is what SpinSite promises with this program that provides the building blocks and expert advice for people or small businesses who want to create their own home on the Web.

If you want to keep your Web site operating longer you will have to purchase a permanent domain name and arrange for Web hosting.

The Platinum Edition includes a Web site with as many as 50 pages, five e-mail accounts, 50MB of document storage and three months of Web hosting.

I found the program and its Web site construction wizards easy to use. In little time, I had imported some images and added text to get my Web site's home page started.

First users select a design theme and subcategory within the theme. Each choice can be previewed before a selection is made. Next, users are instructed to add a title and tagline for the Web site.

After the software sets up a temporary URL and the administrator account, a Web site is generated with sample pages. As administrator, you can log onto the site and start modifying it as you see fit.

Following log-in, the administrator's options are superimposed on the page. There are blue options buttons, content borders and the SpinSite toolbar.

Regarding content, a wide range of choices greets the Web site creator. Select fonts, size and styles. Import images from SpinSite's library or from your own computer. Your own photographs can be uploaded to create a ready library of images.

Any changes made to the Web site are visible only to the administrator until the publish option is chosen. After that, the changes become visible to those visiting the site.

To get people to the site, the software offers advice on using keywords that are likely to be picked up by Internet search engines.

Other options are setting up discussion forums, FAQ pages, data collection forms and online stores.

Whether you want to create a Web site to share photos and news with far-flung family members, or just let people in on your personal philosophy, SpinSite makes building a Web site easy.